rjtaLlanelli mission training school is called Robert Jermain Thomas Academy.


Wellingborough training school is called Carey Academy Language Learning.

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Nations Trust’s status with UKVI


It has been brought to our attention that some Christian publications have stated recently that Nations has had its licence with the UK Visa & Immigration authority revoked.

This has never been the case. We were the subject of an unannounced and rigorous inspection in May 2014, lasting seven hours. Some relatively minor record-keeping issues were found and, as a result, our licence was downgraded from A-status to B-status.

This downgrade meant that we were unable to issue new invitations to ‘religious workers’ (UKVI’s term) and others, but those already here were allowed to continue their work.

UKVI offered an ‘Action Plan’ at a cost of £1,460 to remedy matters, which we accepted. It had a three-month time limit. If we had not satisfactorily completed this, it may well have resulted in our licence being revoked.



We corrected the problems and we were visited again in October. The inspectors were satisfied that we had fulfilled all that was required.

As a result, we regained our A-status in December 2014 and have already received a new religious worker.

Please make this fact known to those who may have been misinformed up until now.


(Both Nations Trust and our other school in Wellingborough (CALL) are registered with UKVI jointly under the name of our Llanelli training school the ‘Robert Jermain Thomas Academy’.)