TransMission: Nations News May 2016 Print

TransMission: Nations News May 2016

Be fruitful and multiply!

And God blessed them. And God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”

And God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit. You shall have them for food (Genesis 1:28-29).

The Lord has never changed His plan for us. He has blessed us and given us a commission, and the authority (have dominion) and provision to carry it out. It is interesting that the provision was food that had seeds.....the Lord was very specific. It is as though He was saying; Eat multiplication food. There is an indestructible seed of life that will multiply for all who will believe and obey me. There will be enough for you and enough for those you disciple. Jesus wonderfully illustrated this principle in His life on earth as He multiplied bread and made disciples who would make disciples.

The Lord has commissioned us all to make disciples of all nations. With recent influxes of refugees into Europe, even those of us based in the UK have a chance to show love and compassion to people from other nations.

The Islamic world is in turmoil which affects every other nation in the process. Some Muslims are becoming deeply entrenched in extremism and many others are horrified by what they see. The Spirit of Islam is relentlessly violent, though many Muslims just want to live in peace. Despite the horrors and tragedies that are affecting millions, and maybe because of them, more Muslims are turning to Jesus than ever before. It is a time of great opportunity for the gospel. Our Egyptian mission team reports of how hearts are open, especially among the refugees.

Team news

In our last Transmission (oh dear, was it really back in November!) we were telling you that we believe we are coming into a 'spring' season. That is proving to be the case with growing teams, including our own core Nations team.

Sheelagh Evans attended last October's CrossRoads week and the Lord confirmed that it was time for her to move on. She has moved up from a comfortable village in Dorset to help teach English to those with us who are training for the mission field. She has quickly found that those she is working with are also seeking her out for her gifts of wisdom and prayer. She is 70 years young and living proof that retirement can be just a step into a new effective ministry.

Nic and Louise Vanderlinde from Canada, whom we mentioned in our last letter, are now here. Amazingly, Louise has discovered that her grandfather used to work in the Glanmor Foundry which is now the Nations centre in Llanelli. They are doing a great job holding the administration for Celebration for the Nations which this year is in Israel. (see below)

Teme Ashgedom is regularly visiting Eritreans in the 'Jungle' in Calais. They tend to be overlooked now that a lot of attention is on Syrian refugees. Please remember them in prayer as they are also fleeing the most terrible persecution in their homeland and are now stuck in a sort of no-man's land between France and the UK. Others are taking aid, but his desire is to help strengthen them spiritually.

Steve Coupe is facing a medical challenge in the next few weeks as the doctors have said he needs open-heart surgery to replace an aortic valve which was probably damaged when he had rheumatic fever as a child. It is amazing that, until very recently, he was representing his country in cross-country running, with a valve that is now reduced to one eighth of its original capacity! Someone described him as the hidden heart of Nations, quietly doing background administrative and other work to keep Nations alive. Please pray for him.

Egyptian training programme and TV series

Egypt My People, the Egyptian mission team we work with, is running a project through the summer to train and equip Egyptian young people to reach out to other Arabs. They will do 6 weeks preparation with us in Llanelli and then another 6 weeks evangelism in London.

In March we also recorded a TV series (13 programmes of 15-20 minutes each) called 'You can change the world'. It is teaching in English and Arabic and includes testimonies and interviews. The basic theme of each programme is that everyone matters and everyone has a purpose. We hope it will appeal to people of all faiths. It is now in the process of being edited and subtitled, and then it will be offered to various satellite channels in the Middle East. Thank you to those who helped with the finance for this, and a big thank you to those still giving their time and expertise freely to make this happen.

Gail and another friend of Nations, Jai Lu, will be visiting Egypt before the team comes to the UK, to meet people on the ground and re-connect with various works there.


CrossRoads is ...

... time for people based in the UK to go deeper with the Lord and learn with us in an environment of worship and international mission.

We ran our first week last October and have since done a weekend, and also a regional day in West Wales. We are delighted as word of mouth is bringing people together. Below are a few recent testimonies. Our next residential Crossroads is a week 8-15 October 2016. We would be delighted to see you! Please write to Kathy on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information. (Please see attached flier).

... the best week of my life!
... it came at a pivotal time in my life and helped clarify what God was saying

... I attended because I wanted to draw closer to God, to spend some time with him, hear from him and draw strength and courage to carry on. I found everything that I was looking for and more. There was time to reflect, time to worship, time for fellowship and God spoke to many, if not all of us. I heard from him again and came away greatly encouraged. For me the call of CrossRoads is the call of God: “Come near, sit at my feet and listen to me. I love you and I have great things planned for you.”


Central African Republic

The Nations-en-Marche team there continue to work and trust the Lord in the impossible situation of lawlessness and anarchy that exists. The leader is presently struggling with bad health, as are many who have been living under pressure of lack and danger for many years now. However, they are continuing to teach seminars that encourage the people. They are preparing people to rebuild their land with faith and practical skills.

Summer expeditions

The summer is a very full period as the different mission teams based with us send their people all over the world to taste the reality of the mission field for themselves. Some will be 'spying out the land' where they will be working in the future, others will just be getting a taster that may confirm a calling.

Please pray for each team to walk in the anointing that the Lord has provided for them. The harvest is plentiful. May we all recognise those who are ready to hear, not by what we see with our natural eyes, but with the eyes of our heart opened by the love of Christ.

Gilgal Gathering

In April we had an 'in house' gathering for all the UK-based leaders of mission movements that are part of Nations. It was called Gilgal, because the Israelites gathered at Gilgal after crossing the Jordan as they prepared to take the Promised Land.

In this new season we felt it was important to have a time of fresh consecration to the Lord and fresh commitment to each other. The Lord healed some wounds, as He did with the Israelites at Gilgal, and joined our hearts together in a deeper way. As a result there is a new cooperation, each group working to their strengths and also possible new training and evangelistic projects where there will be inter-mission cooperation.

Celebration Israel, Mount Carmel 31 July – 6 August

Since 2007, as part of an international worship intercession, we have had Celebrations in Wales and Korea. We would love you to join us this year on Mount Carmel. For more information or to be put on the Celebration mailing list please contact Nic & Louise on admin@celebrationforthenations. If you would like to attend Celebration Israel, please register on

Thank You!

We really appreciate all of you who stand with us in prayer and in other practical ways!


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