TransMission October 2016 Print
TransMission October 2016
See, I have given Jericho into your hand, with its king and mighty men of valour (Joshua 6:2).
The Lord spoke these words as Joshua was pondering (or maybe crying out in desperation) about how to take Jericho. See, I have was already done in heaven; it needed faith and courage to work it out on earth.
The Lord went on to give Joshua a strategy. He already had the promise that every place he put his foot the Lord would give him. Yet he needed to know how that would happen in this particular instance.
You may remember earlier this year we had what we called a 'Gilgal Gathering', bringing together UK-based leaders of the mission movements which we have been involved in helping to start. The Lord healed and drew us together more deeply. I remember thinking at the time I wonder what our Jericho will be?
Some of the movements we work with are in a season of growth. Also new movements are starting, and we can see potential for others. We are so encouraged, as the Lord has been saying for a while that it is time for multiplication! However, it also means that our buildings are stretched to the maximum. Five years ago the Lord gave us an old twenty-bedroom nursing home called St Elli House. This has become our accommodation for the trainees.
In January we will start to develop the top floor of this building into an apartment for family accommodation. Praise the Lord as, thanks to a generous offering, we now have most of the money to do this.
However, we still need more space for meeting, training, team rooms and offices. We can see that very soon we will need more accommodation too. I think the Lord is showing us what our Jericho is!
Twelve or so years ago we felt that the Lord was asking us to extend our International Centre, which is also the HQ of Nations. We had plans drawn up and were able to pay for some of the initial preparatory work. Thank you to everyone who gave sacrificially to that. However, we failed to raise the money (£1.2 million) needed to go forward.
When St Elli House came along, it was so clear that the Lord was giving it to us, that even though it was a battle (contracts were nearly exchanged twice with other parties) we saw the Lord's miraculous provision. However, we always felt that it was only a partial answer to what would be needed longer term.
So the cry has come again;
This place is too small for us;
give us more space to live in.’ (Isaiah 49:20).



Facing failure, finding faith
One of the hardest things is to come back to a thing you have failed in before and yet sometimes it is the only way forward. We are not sure of exactly what the Lord is saying in finding our more space to live in but we are sure He is speaking.

 I am encouraged by Jonathan's story. In 1 Samuel 13 he attacks a Philistine outpost. Though he wins that battle, it results in a total defeat of the Israelites. They were so utterly defeated that the only ones who still retained their swords were Jonathan and his father Saul.
After that you may think that Jonathan would have decided to keep a low profile. He had in some ways been responsible for the defeat of the whole nation. However, Jonathan knew the covenant that God had made with Israel to give them the land of Canaan. He did not let a defeat and his own past recklessness hinder his faith.
Jonathan said to his young armour-bearer, “Come, let’s go over to the outpost of those uncircumcised men. Perhaps the Lord will act in our behalf. Nothing can hinder the Lord from saving, whether by many or by few.” (1 Samuel 14:6).
Jonathan proclaimed that the Philistines were uncircumcised, they were not in covenant with the Lord. He was no longer presumptuous. He knew the Lord could save, and hoped that the Lord would use him. The Lord did indeed use this humbled man! The Philistine nation was routed, and Israel won a great victory.
We take courage that we are on a similar journey. Please pray with us for clear understanding of how we are to find more space for people to live and work in. Do we go back to our original plans to extend the International Centre, or is there another building?
We did feel led to renew our planning permission for the extension of our International Centre a while back. That planning permission runs out by next September. If we are still to use those plans we would need to have made a significant start by then for them to still be valid. We also need to find a new architect (the previous one has retired) and to submit the plans again for Building Regulation approval.
Interestingly, there are a couple of other former residential care homes up for sale, though both about a thirty minute drive away. It would be considerably cheaper to buy an old property and do it up than to extend our existing one.
Do please get in contact if you are feeling any word from the Lord about this. We know we need the help of the wider Body of Christ for the next season of growth.

Egypt My People
As well as ongoing work in the Middle East, which cannot be reported openly, our young Egyptian movement had two outreaches among Arabs in the UK this summer after a training time in Egypt. The preliminary report reads:
It was a very blessed time for us and after the school we started outreach in partnership with two other ministries. We did two ten-day outreaches, one in Cardiff and the other in London. We formed three teams and we distributed over 4,000 New Testaments and Jesus films and had over 600 conversations. I don't know yet how many came to the Lord.

Celebration for the Nations
The international worship gathering on Mount Carmel in Israel was our 10th Celebration for the Nations. It was a special time partnering with a beautiful Messianic Congregation. There were salvations, healings, some people called to mission, but most important of all, the Lord's name was exalted in many ways through many languages as we worshipped together for a week.
The Lord spoke to us about returning to the same place next year. Do come and join us 2-8th August 2017.

For more information visit If you did not get the report and would like one please email Gail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Frontline Nations
At the same time as Celebration, at the other end of the Mediterranean, in Spain and Morocco, the FLN team were running a short-term international training programme. As a result many of the people have joined them for a six-month course in Llanelli which we pray will lead them into the next stage the Lord has for them in the nations.

Loaves and Fishes
This is a new movement that we are helping to start. Its leader David Kim, and his family have spent eight years in China. They were clearly called to Wales, and are now working to disciple young adults from the UK, Korea and China into God's purposes for their lives. Another family have just moved to Wales to join them in this venture.

Central African Republic
Our mission leader and the missionaries in this war-torn nation live in the midst of terror and suffering. Different factions control different areas, and each one steals, kills and destroys life and infrastructure. We heard recently that there is not one working medical scanner in the whole nation. The adopted pygmy daughter of our mission leader recently died in child birth after three days of labour unable to give birth. The baby died in her womb. A situation that would never have occurred if there had been adequate medical facilities.
Pray for the miracle of peace. Various talks and negotiations are taking place at national and international levels.
How can we help rebuild this nation when peace does come? As well as finance, they will need medical personnel, engineers, teachers, translators (French) etc. If you would like to be on a list of people willing to help, by utilising your skill or profession, please contact Dan Hulland   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Dan also sends out regular news from our mission leader, so do ask to be put on the mailing list if you are not on it.

Ntai and Mabakoena Pheko of Operation Up, are preparing to launch their GAP year programme in Thailand next year. He writes: On the 28 October at 7pm, God willing, I will be addressing Christian students at Lesotho College of Education on the proposed GAP year program. Please pray with us that the Lord will make that opportunity for us to meet and connect up with "HIS" chosen young people prepared for the ministry in Thailand next year.

Nations Core Team
Steve and Kathy Coupe
have had to step back somewhat from 25 years of doing all that needs doing to keep Nations running, for Steve to have open heart surgery. Many of you have been involved in praying for him. We are very thankful to you and to the Lord. The operation has gone very well and Steve is making an excellent recovery. However he will still need weeks of rest and recovery (though he is sneaking in to do a few visas etc!) Kathy is now 70, and both of them know that this is a change of season. We want to see them released into their teaching/writing/creative gifts and freed from a lot of the administration. To take over from them, we really need one or two British people with good administrative skills.
Nic and Louise Vanderlinde,
who initially joined us for six months to help with Celebration for the Nations, have felt the Lord's call to stay on and be part of the long-term Nations team. They are from Canada, though Louise's family is originally from Wales. We were all amazed to find that her grandfather used to work in the foundry of which our International Centre building housed the chemical laboratories. Imagine our delight to learn more recently that he gave his heart to the Lord in this very place where Louise is now working!!
Hyunil and Jungsun Joo and family
Hyunil and Jungsun have worked for many years with the Korean version of Wycliffe as administrators based in Korea. For the last couple of years they have felt the Lord challenging them to move on, and to move out of Korea! Their English is quite limited, but they have a call and a determination to learn, and we are welcoming them to our team in December with their two young sons.
They were originally due to join us last year, but Jungsun discovered she had cancer. Praise God she has now been told that she is cancer free.

Allen and Enid Thomas
Faithful intercessors and part of our team for more than 10 years, they have had a real battle with Enid's health. Due to complications and infection to do with diabetes, she has had to have one of her legs amputated. Please pray for them both as they recover from the trauma of this.
Many years ago the Lord spoke to Enid through Ruth 4:15. It has remained deeply in her heart and has been a great encouragement to her in her latter years.
And he shall be unto thee a restorer of thy life, and a nourisher of thine old age

Our base in Wellingborough is among other things host to a young Korean movement called Ehad. Its Korean leader, Timothy writes an update:
Last summer, Ehad team was under the blazing sun of a Mediterranean land. During the expedition, we found inspiration from God’s presence and from ancient Christian history buried in the land. The biggest fruit of this journey was that one of our members found his calling for this land. Moreover, we were delighted to develop a close relationship with our friends who have been living in that land for many years. They have a passion to help many more men and women of God in starting His works in that area.
We are planning to visit that land again over this Christmas season to explore further prayer for this area and try to lay down a solid foundation for others to settle in.
One of the team members, who is now back in Korea, is preparing himself to move into Japan to work with a Korean Japanese who joined the Ehad training last year, and who has lived in Japan for many years. So the team is planting out, but we are also excited to welcome in one fine, experienced family to join in the leadership of the training team in Wellingborough.
Ehad’ is a modified word which means the number one in Hebrew. Ehad expresses God’s one purpose, one prayer, and one person which Rowland Evans, the founder of Nations, often talks about. Ehad team started in 2014 and is still in a very small beginning stage. Ehad team provides a spiritual journey which helps Koreans to find their dreams in God’s one purpose and find His one prayer in the One Christ throughout their lives.'
There is so much more to tell but we have taken enough of your time. Thank you for reading this! Thank you for standing with us. We appreciate your prayer and support.

Yours in Christ's love,

Gail and the Nations team