rjtaLlanelli mission training school is called Robert Jermain Thomas Academy.


Wellingborough training school is called Carey Academy Language Learning.


Welsh and Korean Roots

We believe it is no accident that the International Centre is just a few miles from where, a hundred years ago, the fruit of intercession broke out in what we know now as the Welsh Revival. From this spark, revival fires sprang up in other nations and especially, in 1907, in the Korean revival.

Thousands at that time prayed for Wales to take the gospel to the nations. There was a certain amount of success, but it was cut short by the First World War. However, like Abel, those who prayed still speak by faith, even though they are dead.

We believe that what happens in the International Centre is part of the answer to their prayers. Our roots in the past give us a foundation into the future.

This conviction was strengthened when we discovered that the Centre's building was once owned by relatives of Robert Jermain Thomas, the first Protestant missionary to Korea and who was martyred there in the 1860s. He is still remembered and celebrated in the Korean church.

Our mission training school has now taken his name, The Robert Jermain Thomas Academy.

Up until now the Centre has only been able to receive one group at a time. However the Lord has told us to 'enlarge the place of our tent' . All the plans are now in place, a builder is ready to begin, and we await God's full provision.

The new, enlarged International Centre will give us more sleeping, meeting, praying and office space ... and the overall result will be more missionaries trained.