rjtaLlanelli mission training school is called Robert Jermain Thomas Academy.


Wellingborough training school is called Carey Academy Language Learning.

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Long-term (full-time and part-time)

1. Centre Staff (Llanelli and Wellingborough):

building manager
teachers (English and Mission)
IT and technical staff

N.B. It may be that you are feeling drawn to Christian work and don't fit any of these skills.
We are more interested in people than in tasks. Please do get in touch with us, and come and visit.

2. Worship and Prayer

Join in Community Days on Thursdays at the Centres (phone for details)
Sign up for a 24/7 worship and prayer slot and receive regular updates.
Sign up for ImagiNations to know more of what is going on in the Nations world.

Invest your business or professional skills into a Mission movement;
e.g. medical, computing, accounting, building.