rjtaLlanelli mission training school is called Robert Jermain Thomas Academy.


Wellingborough training school is called Carey Academy Language Learning.

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Who is part of the Nations community so far?

The Nations Core Teams: Two small but multi-national teams based in Llanelli, South Wales and Wellingborough, England. We are ordinary people touched by our extra-ordinary God. We work with people from all walks of life and denominations, to facilitate the development of young indigenous missionary movements; some of the students from those missions have trained with us. In the past ten years we have trained (often in conjunction with Wild Step and DestiNation) approximately 230 long-term and 350 short-term students. We have also contributed to mission training at bases around the world.

DestiNation: A Korean mission movement who, for some years, had their HQ and training base with us in Wales before moving it to an Islamic Asian country. They now have church planting teams in the Europe, the Middle East, Central and Southern Asia. Currently they have a UK training team based at Wellingborough as part of their overall short and long term training programme. (www.kdestination.org)

Nations en Marche: A Central African mission movement reaching Muslims, Pygmies and pushing into nearby nations, including Chad, with the gospel. They embody a fine example that the poorest places on earth can be rich in faith.

Operation Up: A Basotho mission movement (i.e. based in Lesotho) working into the mountain areas of that nation and taking teams to other parts of Africa. Their present goal is to see Bibles in every mountain home and 50 churches planted in the next five years. (www.operationup.net)

Egypt My People: Egypt 4 the Nations is a ministry derived from the original ministry Egypt my people (EMP) that started few years ago in partnership with NATIONS TRUST which is  based in the UK .

Our ministry is working in this areas: Evangelism specially to Arabic speaking people, Discipling, missionary school,supporting persecuted Christians in the middle east, and using social media and other tools for follow up. EMP Newsletter 2014 (click here)

Frontline Nations:  click here (in Korean)

Teams in China: Groups in five locations involved in teaching, church planting, business, compassion ministries and working alongside Chinese believers to take the gospel along the Silk Road, back to Jerusalem.

Relationships are also strong with teams in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Kyrgyzstan. We anticipate more divinely appointed relationships to develop.

Each movement is completely autonomous. Our unity is based on our love for God and for each other, and our respect and need for each other to fulfil our part in World Evangelisation.