rjtaLlanelli mission training school is called Robert Jermain Thomas Academy.


Wellingborough training school is called Carey Academy Language Learning.

Opening the Wells

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'Opening the Wells', launched in 1997, is an area-wide initiative in co-operation with local churches, encouraging prayer, unity and mission.

It is based on an historic perspective of the way God has used people and places in this area where the team is based.

We call the area ‘Carey's Patch’.

It was the birthplace of modern Protestant mission, when the Baptist Missionary Society was formed in 1792.

In 1793, the most famous of the BMS founders, William Carey, left here with his family to become a missionary in India.

Our vision is that the ‘spiritual wells’ opened back then – of prayer, unity, mission and the release of resources – will once again flow with life.
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With this aim in mind, a number of local initiatives have taken place over the years :

  •   UNITED PRAYER: a quarterly prayer network in towns and villages
  •   1st PRAYER : regular prayer for those in authority, MPs and Councils
  •   Prayer Research
  •   Prayer Journeys
  •   Prayer Concerts
  •   'Roots & Shoots' : a series of local spiritual heritage leaflets
  •   Leaders Call to Prayer: monthly prayer every first Tuesday at various locations around Carey’s Patch.

Mission activities among the local Asian community are also a matter of prayer and practical initiatives.

We have enjoyed a number of national and international links that developed from the 'Opening the Wells' vision.


- Opening the Well, April 2013 (click here)