rjtaLlanelli mission training school is called Robert Jermain Thomas Academy.


Wellingborough training school is called Carey Academy Language Learning.


Our motivation and heartfelt longing can be summed up as follows :

to re-open the 'Wells of Prayer' within Carey's Patch.

Carey's Patch is a term used by us to describe Northamptonshire and surrounding areas (see 'Opening the Wells' link).

One of the 'Wells' that has inspired us from the outset was as a result of the Prayer Call of 1784 issued by Baptist ministers in this same local area. It led to amazing, far-reaching missionary activity, in the launch of the Baptist Missionary Society (BMS) eight years later, the departure of William Carey for India and the subsequent growth of the Protestant Mission Movement from Britain and further afield! Following the start of Nations around the very time of the bicentenary of the BMS in 1992, we were instrumental in initiating a gathering of church leaders and others to meet and pray at the beginning of each month at a different location in Carey's Patch, along the lines of the original Prayer Call. This gathering continues to take place every month.

Also, in continued pursuit of our desire to see these Wells of Prayer re-opened, we also hold prayer events and half nights of prayer at different times as well as Prayer for Israel on the last Friday of every month.